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Save time and money by committing your scarce training and development funds in the best areas.  Get the right training and development for the right staff first time.

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Ensure that you are ready to take your chosen project management qualification and reduce the probability of costly failure.  Improve motivation by building your confidence.

Measure Your Capability

How capability are you and your staff?  Measure against international project management benchmarks for many project roles and identify high performers.

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We provide a number of short assessments totally free of charge which can help you to determine what to next in your project management development.

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Explore your experience, knowledge, decision making and personality.

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Receive a personalised report with each assessment in PDF format.

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Select from a range of assessments, the one which suits you or your staff.

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Take our assessments on any platform from PC to mobile phone.

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Benefit from comparisons with massively researched industry benchmarks.

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For large corporate clients we can customise our assessments and reports.

Assessment Key Facts

what they say

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team for being one of the key positives brought to Gatwick in the shaping and building of our people agenda, with focus on PMO and project world – well done!
Valerie Round
Feedback from [PMA6] was very positive with those participating having enjoyed doing it and finding the results interesting and immediate.
Ian rimmington
Provek's online assessment provided Waitrose with a robust indication of the capability of candidates for our project management community.


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